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There's a world beneath your feet.

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worm/environmentally freindly water proofing [Mar. 29th, 2011|06:44 pm]
There's a world beneath your feet.
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Hello All,

I've decided to make a worm bin. I plan to use a wood kit. I have seen several sites that suggest treating the interior with paraffin for water-resistance, but they are all lacking detail concerning how to prepare & apply the paraffin. I'm hoping someone here might have some experience or knowledge about this. I am wondering -

if candle wax is the correct material for this task

what a recommended way to prepare the paraffin might be (for example, when working with candles, you put the wax in a jar in boiling water. But it seems like the paraffin needs to be much hotter than that. I am hoping to get some idea about how to go about this (relatively) safely.)

what a recommended way to apply it might be and if there are any environmentally friendly disposable tools that might be good for this. (I am thinking of using a piece of corrugated cardboard as a 'brush')

Any information I could get would be greatly appreciated.