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There's a world beneath your feet.

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Compost [Jun. 18th, 2011|08:04 am]
There's a world beneath your feet.


Like most organic gardeners, I have a bit of an obsession with composting. Usually this time of year, green material is in fairly short supply. Sadly, in a way, not this year. At the community garden where I have a plot, this year many new gardeners are keeping the trash bins full of weeds and other green material.

My first use of this material was to build shallow compost "paths." Let me explain, the town dumps partially decomposed wood chips near the plots for out use. I both dug a lot of this into my beds, used this as much, and to cover the paths between beds. As all this green material became available, I spread a six inch layer of it over the wood chips in the path, and covered that with a thin layer of wood chips, and repeated the process. I don't want to go to high with this idea, because I'm afraid that it might create enough heat to burn the nearby plants. So each day I bring some of the green material home to add to my compost pile.
You can never have enough, right?

[User Picture]From: anjel_kitty
2011-06-18 02:59 pm (UTC)
It will be a while before you can harvest that material since it is so recalcitrant. But layering will encourage the anaerobic community of bacteria that will produce the heat. If you are looking for compost you can harvest sooner, I'd recommend worm composting.
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