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Compost Wackos Unite

it all leads back to compost

There's a world beneath your feet.
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Composting and Vermiculture
This is for anyone who wants to learn about composting. It's also for anyone who realizes they've done gone over the edge into the realm of the Compost Wackos. You'll know when it happens...

Anything on the interests list is up for discussion, and if you think something else should be on there, just let me know...

It'd be great if after joining you would let us know something about your gardening experience(s), and anything else you'd like to throw in.

A few guidelines: (General Good Manners Department)

1. Keep It Civil. No Flames.
2. Please Introduce Yourself.
3. Please use LJ-cuts for photos or very long posts.
4. If you have any questions, ask. There are No Dumb Questions.

This community is intended to be a dialogue, so lurking is counter productive. It's OK if you're working up your nerve, or waiting until you have something to talk about, or just /time/. But if you just are interested in something to read, go to the library.

So join us even if it's nothing more than the occasional bad pun...It's OK. jump in


A most Handy Compost Calculator!

Some organic pesticide and herbicide recipes on a site you can contribute to if you like! The page is maintained by my friend Stephen and this will be where our FAQ will be hosted once we have a FAQ! Organic Gardening Recipes

Great Earthworm Page from the University of California

Steve Solomon's Soil and Health Library a great place to find all sorts of out-of-print classics on soil, health, and thinking outside of the box. All for download. He is also the author Organic Gardener's Composting (or as I call it The Composting Bible. You can find it here (though you may have to go through the front of the site to aree to his australian legal waiver). Please consider ordering a hard-copy of this text or one of his other books.

How to Compost, In Pictures! Heartland All Species Project, Kansas City, MO.

FAQ on Interbay Mulch (Sorry that it's SO ad-spammy)

Here's a very nifty looking Canadian site on Composting. Be sure to check out their page on types of composters. They have instructions to build them!

Another wonderful worm resource: The Burrows.

More to come...